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Web links of Interest:


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Our links

Some of our favorite links include the following, if you know of a link we should consider or would like to exchange links, contact us. Enjoy our links:

We're Listed On The New York Business List

Yes, our marketing and p.r. services are listed. Aurora Communications is a woman owned and minority certified business founded in 1988. We produce concerts, special events, media relations, e-blasts, jingles, musical arrangements, and media tours and bookings. We also provide packaged information such as bios, releases, press kits, and electronic branding such as EPKs, websites, etc.

www.salsa.it : One of Italy's most important resource for Salsa
Read Roberto Rabbi's review of Zon del Barrio's CD: Cortijo's Tribe here: (http://www.salsa.it/recensioni.aspx)

Salsa Creations - A website dedicated to bring you new and classic Salsa sounds, video and more.

Salsa Talks - Mary Kent's photojournalized accounts of many salsa greats.

The Bomba Dance Workshop

The all-female music and dance ensemble: Retumba

Seasoned timbalero and Spanish Harlem Orchestra's Chino Nunez.

Mr. Richie Bonilla

El Maestro Larry Harlow.

The One and Only Mr. Eddie Palmieri.

Well Fare Poets

http://www.jazzmotel.blogspot.com/ Another site for information on Latin music, jazz, etc.
http://karendtaylor.net/riffs/ Riffs on Race, Karen D. Taylor: vocalist/writer/performer

More links will be added so check back often. - Wepa!


Zon del Barrio

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