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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

WNET Latino American Series

"But this new combination of young Latinos playing with the iconic Yomo Toro was different. It spoon-fed us abuelita's words of wisdom while filling us with the joy of simple pleasures that some of us in New York only heard through the twang of Yomo Toro's cuatro singing through Hector's words. Yomo made them famous."

WNET Latino American Series:

Click here to read the entire blog & leave a comment: http://www.pbs.org/latino-americans/en/blog/2013/09/03/Boricua-Christmas-New-York/

aurora flores wrote:

“The Borscht Belt had a Spanish heart,” recalls Larry Harlow. “It was nothing short of a 'Latin music Mecca'.”

My blog on Latino Jewish identity is up over the WNET website on the history of Latinos in America... check it out:


Aurora Flores
Music from the Streets of Latin N.Y. Streets of Latin N.Y.


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